About us

ToreyPlast is a company dedicated to creating and producing high quality filaments for 3D printing. We are a team of experts in plastic material, a group of enthusiasts dedicated in the 3D printing technology, and lovers who enjoyed a lot of fun in creating things with 3D printing.

We know how despressed you can be when you have to deal with low quality filament during printig, especially when printing large objects, so much time and creating spirit could be wasted due to low quality filament. That’s why we are determined to produce filaments that will print perfectly and let you focus on the more important: design and creation.

The quality of filaments is to a large extent determined by the material formula. We rely on our experience in plastic and knowledge of additives, and we also work closely with EcopondĀ® team to benefit from their R&D strength in plastic modification. After years of tuning of formula, we are confident to boast that ToreyPlast filaments print much better in most printers.

Our expertise in plastic material is now combined with the state-of-art extruder we developed specially for our formula, you will see how big improvement you have when you print with ToreyPlast filaments.

ToreyPlast filaments fuel your great ideas!